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MaxMedia System Builder - User manual

Getting started

Thank You for using's system builder. After going through this manual, You will be able to build and manage Your Web site, iOS, Android, and Progressive Web App via the admin control panel.

Here is a brief overview of what You will be able to do with the admin panel:

  • Build your website and/or app.
  • Set up keyword goals, that will help you to be found in search engines.
  • Set up monitoring and advertising, such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel.
  • Set up an online store.
  • Create discounts with coupon codes.
  • Set up services with appointment booking options.
  • Create and manage staff members for services.
  • Set up blogs.
  • Set up videos.
  • Set up custom pages.
  • Set up site navigation.
  • Set up custom delivery methods by region.
  • Set up payment methods for Your store.
  • Set up your contact information.
  • Set up physical stores and venues.
  • Set up terms of use.
  • Use email marketing and send Push Notifications.
  • Create and manage a market, where users can add their own products and services with market mode.
  • Track orders and abandoned carts.
  • Track bookings.

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