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Contacts & Settings

Contacts & Settings contain global settings for the site. You might've already seen some of them in the first steps section.


  • Use market mode - See market mode
  • Forbidden collections - Work with market mode. They forbid sellers to use these collections
  • Upload picture - Site or app logo
  • Select language - If supported, the system will translate to the chosen language
  • Name of the site - For meta and Search Engine Result Page usage
  • Domain address - For meta and Search Engine Result Page usage
  • Zipcode, City, Address - For contact page usage
  • Email - Main email for system correspondence
  • Google App password - The system will send emails to Your users from the default email, which You can change by adding a Google app pass key, connected to Your google email from
  • Additional contact information - in the form of free text
  • Work hours - in the form of free text
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