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About pages

Access the Editor from the main menu (as shown), then use the selector in the top left corner to create or edit a page.

You can also add custom pages as “partials” to the home page, and edit the layouts of products, services, blogs, videos and their respective galleries.

We will go in-depth in the following sections.

admin dashboard menu showcase
created pages select dashboard showcase

Let us examine the following page.

drag and drop page editor

Notice the title field and the partial switch.

When the partial switch is ON, the page will NOT be shown in the App menu.

setting page title
partial switch


When you hover over a column, it will light up the corresponding layer on the right.

We'll go over what columns are in just a few seconds.

selecting a column and layer
component layers - page builder


When you hover over a component, the corresponding layer on the right will light up.

selecting an existing component and layer

Components and Layout settings

When you click over an existing component, you get two options - to edit the component or to edit its appearance.

On the right, you can see the component menu.

Alternatively, you can click on the column (in blue), and add another component.

edit options
free text component
selecting a component to add to page

If you select to edit the appearance of the component, you get the following menu.

Here you can decide the width of the component, spacing, colors, borders, and more.

The sizing is made, so it will auto-optimize on mobile screens.

component size and position settings
component color settings


You can change the look and feel of your site and app, by clicking on the Theme button on the left side of the editor screen.

Inside the theme settings, you can customize the colors, background image or video, fonts, header, and footer.

website and app theme settings
sidemenu in page editor


You can fully customize your header and navigation from the Home page by clicking on the navigation.

You can even add a whole custom page on the bottom of the header, for full customization.

two row header sample
header options


You can fully customize your footer from the Home page by clicking on it.

You can even add a whole custom page at the top of the footer, for full customization.

You also get predefined fields to get you started quickly.

customized footer sample
footer settings

Custom pages

Custom pages can be created using HTML. You can either:

  • Task the person responsible for Your support
  • Create it Yourself

If You choose to build it Yourself, You will only need to write the body of the page. Bootstrap, Meta tags, and more are added automatically.

To add images from Your gallery open a media window (ex.: from a new product), and use it by copying the id under the image. Then add it with

<img src="/medias/the_id_of_the_image" alt="">

You can also use "/medias-large" or "/medias-xlarge" for better quality.

You also will need a human-readable title for the page, and a URL (to add as a navigation item).

html css js custom component showcase

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