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You can create new services from Site Builder -> Services.


  • Selected - If checked the service will appear on the home page.
  • Bookable - If unchecked the service will not be available for booking online, it will redirect to contacts.
  • Media - These are the service images (see how to upload here), You can arrange them by dragging one on top or bottom of another.
  • Service title - The title of the service.
  • Origin address - see origin addresses.
  • Description - Short description of the service.
  • Address - Address of the service.
  • Price - The price of the service.
  • Service category - see service categories.
  • Staff members - see staff members.
  • Start date - End date - The service will be bookable between those dates.
  • Recurring - The service will not have a start and end date.
  • Session duration - Duration of service in minutes.
  • Time between sessions - Time between previous and next session in addition to session duration.
  • Maximum number of participants - How many bookings are allowed for one service hour.
  • Bookable days offset - Prevents the end-user to book a service hour “n” number of days from the moment of booking.
  • Schedule by days with unlimited time slots.
  • Additional content - Add a custom page at the end of the service page. Use it to showcase the service better.
  • Additional fields - User-defined fields, for custom sorting purposes.
adding and editing a service from admin dashboard
preview for meta description for service

Below the description, you will find Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and Social Share previews.

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