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Setting up Contacts and Logo

Now that You have logged in the admin panel let's change some defaults.

The system has initialized with sample values for:

  • Site logo
  • Contact information
  • Preferred currency
  • Custom delivery method
  • Store with a few products
  • Bookable service
  • Blog and posts
  • Videos
  • Navigation bar
  • etc.

Note that the navigation may be either to the left (on desktop) or at the bottom (on mobile), according to the device You're using, as shown below.

admin dashboard desktop showcase
admin dashboard mobile app showcase

Go to Site builder -> Contacts & Settings. To change the logo click Upload Picture. The following dialog will appear:

setting contacts admin dashboard mobile app showcase
selecting an image admin dashboard

You can add pictures from your device by clicking “Upload”.

Furthermore, you can import some stock photos by clicking “Import stock photos”.

For your convenience, we've added a shortcut to an online photo editor, with no affiliation to the developers of that editor whatsoever.

Proceed to change your contact information below the logo.

The system will send emails (such as welcome mails, order and booking confirmations, etc.)  to Your users from the default email, which You can change by adding a Google app pass key, connected to Your google email from