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Builderly Success Story: How Cloud Office Transformed Their Web Management!

Creating and managing a website isn’t always an easy task, especially if the team has limited technical know-how. CloudOffice, a premier Google Cloud partner in Central Eastern Europe, sought a solution that would address this challenge. In this case study, we’ll dive into how CloudOffice’s collaboration with Builderly reshaped their online presence.

Meet the Players

Ogi: Founder of Builderly, a platform offering modular solutions for website and app creation.

Ivo Zimbilev: The Business Development leader at CloudOffice.

The Challenge

CloudOffice's website was previously maintained on a self-hosted WordPress instance, which required a technical background for maintenance and updates. This posed a significant challenge as the current marketing team lacked this technical knowledge.

Why Builderly?

When asked about his initial hesitation towards using Builderly, Ivo admitted to being overwhelmed by the plethora of content management systems available in the market. However, CloudOffice's primary requirement was straightforward: an intuitive solution to build their website swiftly and effortlessly. As Ivo puts it, Builderly was "exactly what we've been looking forward to."

Builderly’s Impact

Empowering the Non-Techie: One of the standout benefits of using Builderly was its user-friendly interface. After a brief template setup by the Builderly team, CloudOffice's marketing team—who had no tech experience—could independently construct almost the entire website. In Ivo's words, this was "pretty cool."

Boosting Efficiency: The marketing team no longer depends on a tech team for website updates. They can now upload new functionalities, features, and news swiftly, ensuring the site stays current and meets customer demands.

From Hours to Minutes: Transitioning to Builderly meant that the marketing team spent only an hour getting accustomed to the platform, after which they were self-sufficient in pushing website updates.

Feedback & Recommendations

While Ivo mentioned a few feature requests that were still pending, he was appreciative of Builderly's swift response time in the past. Asked whether he’d recommend Builderly, Ivo confidently affirmed, suggesting potential users might only need a short onboarding session to navigate the platform. Builderly's trial feature was another point in its favor.


Builderly emerged as the perfect solution for CloudOffice, enabling them to transition from a tech-dependent model to one where their marketing team could independently manage the website. For businesses seeking an intuitive, modular solution for their website and mobile application needs, Builderly seems like a formidable choice.

Check Out the Success for Yourself

Visit CloudOffice's website to see the sleek outcome of their collaboration with Builderly.

Looking to transform your web presence like CloudOffice did? Contact Builderly and explore the multitude of solutions we offer.

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