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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What can I use MMP for?

    Maxmedia Merchant Provider allows you to receive credit/debit card, and digital wallet payments on Your web site or mobile application.

  2. How can I use MMP to get paid?

    Create a merchat account with us. Then use one or more of the integration solutions, to connect/create a payment page on Your web site and/or connect/create a payment component to Your iOS or Android app. Check out the Integration section for more information.

  3. Do I receive a payout imediately after a purchase on my site or app?

    Initially You will receive a payout 20 days after a purchase. If You have less than 2% disputes and more than a 100 transactions, You can begin to receive payouts immediately after a purchase.

  4. When do I receive cashback?

    You receive Your cashback at the end of each month.

  5. Am I eligible for cashback?

    Short answer - Yes. You become eligible for cashback imediately after creating a merchant account.

  6. Can You deduct the 2% cashback from the 3% commission at the time of the transaction?

    Short answer - Yes. However, You need to apply and have less than 2% disputes and more than one 1000 transactions per month and a minimum of 1 month.

  7. Are there any regional limitations to whom could use MMP?

    You can create a merchant account from any region, if there aren't any legal regional limitations. Also, if we do not support Your desired currency, there might be additional taxes from Your bank.

  8. Can someone help me with the integration?

    Absolutely. You can contact us by email and we can schedule a virtual meeting, where we will help You integrate MMP with your business.

  9. What do I need in order to apply for a merchant account?

    You will need a business email address, company name, accountable person, company identifier or VAT, and a bank account for payouts. Depending on your region, additional information may be required.

  10. How can I track my transactions, payouts and disputes?

    After signing up, You will be able to access Your administration panel. There You can access all transactions, disputes, payouts, client information - and if You are using the Maxmedia System Builder - You can manage You inventory, services, orders, email lists, blogs, and general content on Your web site and native mobile apps.

  11. Are there any additional charges, other than the 3% commission?

    There are no hard rates for small transactions, no additional charges for recurring payments or invoice payments. Combined with the 2% cashback - the commission percentage amounts to 1% per transaction. However, in some regions a signup fee up to 30$ could be deducted from Your cash back.

  12. Is there a Sandbox for development?

    Yes, and You can register with an email address.

  13. What is a drop-in?

    You can paste a line of js code in Your HTML files, to automatically generate a secure and pre-designed payment component.

  14. What is the API for?

    The API allows You to handle all transactions on your server.

  15. What is the Payment page?

    You can paste a line of js code in Your HTML files, to automatically generate a secure and pre-designed payment page.

  16. What is the MSB integration?

    MSB allows You to build a web site and/or native iOS and Android applications. See MSB.