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Automated Vulnerability Assessment

Penetration test Your network

Built out of necessity

Maxmedia Security Auditor is an automated vulnerability assessment software, based on Network Mapper - the most popular tool used by network administrators - and the Metasploit framework - The world’s most used penetration testing framework. MSA is designed to detect any vulnerabilities in Your network and application servers. The results of a vulnerability assessment are automatically documented in detailed reports.


MSA comes with built-in scanning protocols for a number of system and network applications:

  • Host discovery

  • Service detection

  • Target vulnerabilities

  • HTTP enumeration - endpoint detection

  • Credentialed pass audit

  • Malware scan

The protocols are meant to help the user get started with the first vulnerability scan with only a few clicks. After getting aquanted with the software, You can easily create custom protocols that can be focused on a specific system or network.

Automated vulnerability assessment report

Every scan will automatically generate a pdf, html, doc or xls report of found vulnerabilities, including possible solutions for each security threat.


Run on all platforms using docker. MSA is based on a Ubuntu 20.04 distribution with pre-installed packages, dependencies and libraries. It is meant to be run inside Your preferred web browser. All you need is 4GB of disk space, 1GB of RAM and internet connection.

Price = $0

MSA is free to use. You only need a company email address to register. However, if we receive evidence of misuse of the Security Auditor Software, we will immediately deactivate all accounts with the company email address.

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