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From $27/mo.

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All the functionality in one place.

Bookable services

Flexible scheduling

Parallel appointments for different staff members

Offset appointments, max par cipants, etc.

Unlimited online stores

Accept card payments

Customize shipping per country

Price-driven custom product options

Customizable information sections

Unlimited blogs

Rank better with auto-optimized blogposts

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Superior administration


Manage Your content with ease

Creating a new store, service or blog takes a second

We can create complex pages for You

Don't lose customers

Create more than 5 types of discount codes

Access email lists with users, abandoned carts

and newsletter contacts

Keep track of signed and unsigned users with buyer profiles

Switch to market mode

Switch your site to an e-commerce platform

where users can post their own products and services

with the touch of a button

Explore demo

Better SEO

Automated protocols and alerts

Our software makes sure Your on-page and SERP optimization

confine to certain conditions, for search optimal performance


Server and browser caching, optimal image sizes

and modern formats ensure fast page speeds

Auto-generating meta

Products, Blogposts and Services get the most

relevant auto-generated meta descriptions and images

Support - web, native ios and android, server, updates, db, ssl

Technical support

Web site, native iOS and/or Android application, server hosting

MSB platform updates

Weekly database backups

SSL encryption

Hacker protection

Customer support

Design changes

Site and App content management

Adding features and functionalities

Client consultation via email


We'll never share your information with anyone.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do you mean by "pay only for support"?

    Let's say you need a web site or an app. You apply for our service. You specify what you need, how you want it to look and function. We implement it in less than 160 business hours (4 weeks). We do not charge you for the implementation. What we charge for is support starting from $27/mo. Check out the Support section for more information.

  2. Can you support an existing web site or application, created by someone else?

    Short answer - Yes. However, we need to migrate the web site or app to our platform. This means we are going to recreate it and then import your database. In an extremely rare case, where the migration takes more than 10 work hours additional charges may apply - 103$ per 10 additional hours. Check out the Pricing section for more information.

  3. Why are there one-time publishing fees for iOS and Android apps?

    These fees are required by the respective platforms. iOS store has a requirement of $99/year and Android store has a requirement of 25$. We do not take any commission from the publishing fees. We only provide a courtesy to our clients, as they don't need to do it themselves.

  4. What is the difference between a Web site service and a PWA (Prgressive Web Application)?

    Our web sites are server-side rendered, which is better for search engine optimization. PWAs on the other hand are a by-product of native iOS and Android applications since we use the ionic framework for native applications. That means, if the client's focus is on an app, they can still benefit from having a site, without paying for the web site service.

  5. What if I need more functionalities, then what comes out-the-box?

    Short answer - We are going to code it. However, our platform comes pre-loaded with plenty features, that you can explore here. If you still find that you need more, we can give you estimated work hours for building the desired functionality. If that esitmate is in the chosen monthly price plan, you won't be paying any additional charges.

  6. When do you start paying for support?

    After the client has completed their first payment, we can begin work on the web site or application. If the client does not have a design or prototype, we will create one before starting on coding the project. We provide a live link, where changes can be observed in almost real time.

  7. Who and How do I talk to about changes?

    As soon as you apply, you get someone asigned to your project. In most cases, this person will most likely be a desginer or a junior developer. We believe that, talking to the person who works on the project, is the most effective way of getting work done. Our preferred approach is via email.

  8. Can you upload products, blogposts, services, etc. for me?

    We can do an initial import in case of migration. We can create new pages any time. We will help you use the admin to upload predefined data, such as products, blogposts, services, payment methods, delevery methods, etc...

  9. If I have a Web site, iOS, Android and PWA, do I need to upload roducts, blogposts, services, etc. to multiple locations?

    No. The database is shared across all platforms. You only need to upload once, from your preferred device.

  10. If I don't want an app, will the web site be displayed on mobile devices?

    Yes. Our platform uses Responsive Design. This means the pages rearrange according to the device's resolution and orientation.

  11. What happens if I stop paying for support?

    First we will remind you via email. If you reply with a valid cause, we can help you by providing 30 days of free hosting. If there is no response within 10 days, we will stop the servers. And after 10 more days we are going to remove the image, so the servers can be used for a new Web site or an Application. After 30 days we will remove the database backups from our disks. If requested, we can send you a CSV export before completely deleting the database.

  12. Do you work on weekends?

    Not yet. Currently our work schedule is Monday - Friday : 08:00 - 17:00 (UTC+1)

  13. Can I start with a Web site and add Apps as I go?

    Absolutely. You may start with whichever media you like, and add other platforms as you go.

  14. Do I need powerful servers and lots of support hours?

    Not necessarily. If you are just starting out, and don't see having huge traffic from the get-go, and do not forsee too many changes, you'll be just fine with the basic ones.

  15. What exactly is the MSB platform?

    The Maxmedia System Builder is an awesome CMS (Content Management System). It is built with two architectures, designed to do specifc work. It's designed to be as functional, easy to use and flexible as possible. In a way it's a framework for creating, maintaining and deploying web applications. Soon we're planning to introduce developer access to MSB.

  16. How is it protected against malicious intents?

    MSB uses many different security protocols, in order to prevent malicious attacks such as: MIT (Man-in-the-middle) interception, DDoS (Denial-of-service), Brute force, Token highjack, etc.