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Create Website/App in 1 Day

This program is suite for starting on/off-line businesses who wish to have better customization, retention and retargeting.

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You will learn

How to create Websitе and/or App

How to set up your E-Commerce

How to create Bookable Services

How to setup Blogs and Videos

How to connect to your Users and use Notifications

How to create Online Courses and Programs

How to set up Invoicing

How to create Subscription based Products and Services

How to setup your Domain and Upgrade to Premium

How to Publish an App


If you are starting your business and wish to take it to the next level or you want to have better customization, retention and retargeting, this course will introduce you to our platform and provide you with the needed information to create your own Website and have the full control over it. Our platform provides you with the tools to fully customize your business without the need of long sessions with support explaining your needs and then waiting for the changes to be done. We are providing you with this free course containing all of the needed steps to fully control your own ideas. Here you will learn how to create you page, customize every panel and take your business to the next level.

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