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Get Online Quick with Website Templates

Choose from our starter website templates to get started quickly.

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Build Your Online Presence

To create your website, follow these steps:

Create your site

Pick a template and answer a few questions. Then further customize everything to your liking.



Publish your mobile application

Your site will perfectly auto-optimize all its content for all screens. However, you can publish an app to the iOS App Store and Google Play. That way you can reliably send notifications with promotions and news, directly to your user's home screen, and provide them with a native experience.

Get started in 5 minutes

Start your e-commerce business, booking service, blog, and more - instantly. No need to install anything. Just add your content, and MaxMedia System Builder (MSB) will take care of the rest.


Get found

MSB will auto-optimize your products, blog posts, services, and more. It will alert you instantly to any matters that require your attention. Follow the alerts, and you'll get amazing results with SEO and organic traffic.

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Edit and Create on Desktop and Mobile

Build real cross-platform applications. Serverless. Code-less. Even on your mobile device. Manage your content with the Content Management System - CMS, add your custom code in the built-in IDE. Free your time, resources, and imagination.


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MaxMedia Editor
Responsive design - made easy

Choose a template as a starting point, that you can fully customize using the click-to-add functionality of the MaxMedia editor. Use the library of royalty-free images, texts, layouts, color schemes, fonts. Grab the visitor's attention with animations and custom components. With the MaxMedia Editor, you can build and manage your website and mobile app simultaneously.

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Make use of our built-in modules

max media system builder, msb, max-media.io online store overview

Online Store

Start selling online and grow your business with a powerful eCommerce platform.

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Online Scheduling Software

Let your clients schedule appointments or services online.


Courses and Subscriptions

Sell online courses and subscription-based services to your users.

max media system builder, msb, max-media.io blog overview


Create a blog with built-in features to grow your reach and build a community.

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Mobile App

Provide your users with a native mobile experience on iOS and Android platforms, and send push notifications directly to their devices.

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On-demand Support

Don't know what to do? No problem! Book free customer support calls from your admin dashboard and we'll help you out.

Complete Solution for
Online Payments

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Accept card payments, and other popular payment methods to offer a streamlined checkout experience. Set it up in just 2 minutes. Get direct and secure access to Stripe from the administrator dashboard.

Payouts are made within 24 hours of receiving payment. You can track and manage all payments from your Stripe-connected dashboard.


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Low max-media.io processing fees

We charge a combined fee of 3% + EUR 0.25 per transaction for customer support and Stripe integration efforts.

 Beyond an online store 

 Market Mode 

 Let your Users post 
 products and services on your site 

When using Market Mode, your users can create their own products and services. In addition, they can add their own Delivery methods and Staff members, Manage their Bookings, Chat with their clients, and more. All from a single panel, which is optimized for mobile devices as a progressive web app, which requires no installation.

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market mode product chat user dashboard



Built for Traffic

MaxMedia System Builder utilizes a software architecture, that makes search engine crawler's job easier. This means your pages will be able to rank as high as possible.


Automated Freedom

Enhance your search performance. All pages and images are automatically optimized however, you can further customize your site’s meta descriptions, URLs slugs, tags, and more.

improve seo

GA4 and Pixel Events

When you add your GA4 and Pixel scripts, all e-commerce events get set-up automatically.

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 Emails and Push notifications 

stay in touch with your users 

No more junk mail

Your emails cannot go to junk mail if you send them as push notifications - directly to your user's device. With MSB you can send push notifications to registered, non-registered, and both.

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push notifications from your site to your app msb, maxmedia system builder
email lists msb, max media market builder

Keep in touch

Customize the automated emails the system sends. Send newsletters, updates, promotions, and more with a single click. Your users are appointed to different categories - Registered users, Newsletter contacts, Leads (who have made a purchase or a booking without registration), Leads converted to users, and more. 

You can export your user database at any time, and use it with your favorite service. 

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1. How easy is it to build a website or a mobile app?

It's very easy. MaxMedia System Builder uses a special grid layout, that allows the freedom to create a beautiful design, without letting you do basic design mistakes. It also works incredibly well when adapting to different screen sizes. By using the starter templates and QuickStart, you can get online in about 5 to 10 minutes. Furthermore, you can use royalty-free images, color-scheme presets, and more to customize your site or app even quicker.

2. Do I need to know how to code?

No, it's 2021, you don't need to be an engineer or designer in order to build a website or a mobile application. MaxMedia System Builder has a user-friendly graphical interface, that will help you create and manage your site in a matter of minutes. In the MaxMedia Editor, you can click to add and customize any feature. Of course, if you do know how to code, you can add advanced functionality to your site with our editor. Even create entirely custom-coded pages.

3. How do I make a mobile version of my site?

Your MaxMedia website automatically comes with a mobile-optimized version that looks great on all screens.

4. Do I get a free domain?

Yes, every site gets a free max-media.io domain (example: yogurtshop.max-media.io). You can of course add a custom domain, that you have purchased.

5. Should I use the editor myself or hire a web developer?

The free MaxMedia website builder is easy and intuitive to use. You can of course let us create a site instead, however you need to be a premium user, for us to create your site free of any additional charges. 

6. Do I need to pay for hosting?

When you create a free website with MaxMedia, you get free hosting with an unlimited data transfer - again, for free. This means you'll never lose users because of low data transfer thresholds

7. Can I use MSB to create a landing page?

Of course. You can create any kind of website with MaxMedia System Builder. See our starter templates to get started.

8. How do I get found on Google? 

MaxMedia makes it simple to get your website found on Google. With MaxMedia SEO Alerts, you'll get notified for any actions, you need to take in order to optimize your site's ranking.

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