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Built for Traffic

MaxMedia System Builder utilizes a software architecture, that makes search engine crawler's job easier. This means your pages will be able to rank as high as possible.


Automated Freedom

Enhance your search performance. All pages and images are automatically optimized however, you can further customize your site’s meta descriptions, URLs slugs, tags, and more.

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 A Powerful Built-in SEO Toolset 

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Optimized Page Infrastructure meets AI

MaxMedia System Builder’s software infrastructure is optimized to meet the needs of search engine crawlers and achieve optimal performance in search rankings. This includes server-side rendering, AI image description optimization, management and creation of URLs, automatic optimization of meta titles, descriptions, and images for products, blog posts, services, and more.

MSB creates and maintains your XML sitemap, keeping all your site info, pages, and the relationships between them up to date. Plus, all your images are instantly compressed, resized, and converted to the most appropriate format for accelerated page loading.

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Full Control of Meta Tags

MaxMedia System Builder automatically creates meta tags for all products, services, and blog posts. All other pages default to your home page's tags. You are notified of such pages and encouraged to manually optimize them. It's extremely easy and the specialized menu in the admin panel makes quick work of it.

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Analytical Platforms Integration

You can easily add analytical and other scripts, such as Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, and many more. It's just a matter two clicks - copy and paste of the script.

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Keywords & SEO Alerts

Add a few keywords that describe your site's activity, and the AI will make sure everything is optimal for the best ranking in search results. seo alert list showcase
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Maximize in-store visits

MSB will help you set up a Google My Business account. This way you can maximize local traffic and in-store visitations from potential clients.

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Actual data is shown with client consent.

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