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Case Study:'s Strategic Launch and Advanced Features with Builderly, Bulgaria’s first social media and mega-app, achieved rapid user growth and operational success through its development with Builderly. The platform quickly amassed over 14,000 users organically within just two weeks of launch.

The Challenge

Developing a versatile and robust app that could seamlessly integrate multiple functionalities while ensuring high performance and user engagement was pivotal.

The Solution

Builderly’s platform facilitated the swift development of, integrating a variety of features including:

  • AI-driven Content Recommendations
  • E-commerce Capabilities
  • Advertising Modules
  • Payment Integration This robust infrastructure also demonstrated enterprise stability, even during a massive DDoS attack, showcasing its resilience under stress.

The Result

The rapid development and comprehensive functionality enabled by Builderly allowed to enhance user experience and engagement significantly. The platform’s stability during the cyber-attack further affirmed its reliability, maintaining user trust and operational continuity.

Conclusion’s development exemplifies Builderly’s capability to support complex applications with diverse needs, ensuring rapid deployment, feature richness, and high resilience. This case study highlights Builderly as a crucial tool for businesses aiming to scale and innovate in the digital landscape.

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