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Builderly is launching an affiliate program and it's ridiculous.

You can now refer Builderly by, and earn reccurring 5% affiliate royalties per month for the lifetime of a refered user.

Promote the world's most innovative web and mobile publishing platform.

Earn 5% per month for the lifetime of a referred user. The recurring royalties will also increase when the user decides to upgrade their subscription plan.

Be a part of our innovative team and share in on our success with the Builderly Affiliate Program.

Conversion rates for Premium plans are booming, so direct your traffic to Builderly and become part of the new big thing in tech.

How is it beneficial to the users?

When you sign up for the referral program, you get a unique promo code. When a user creates a subscription with your promo code, they get a 1-month free premium subscription. This allows the user to decide if Builderly is the right platform for them. Furthermore, we are so convinced that the users will love Builderly premium, we do not require them to add a default payment method during their first month of free service.

How is it beneficial to the affiliates?

An affiliate gets 5% per month of any premium plan, that has been created with their promo code, for the lifetime of the user. Payouts are made on the 1st-5th of each month, and the only requirement is that the payment has not been refunded or disputed for 45 days. The minimum payout threshold is only $15.

What's the catch?

There is no catch. To ensure transparency, we have implemented an affiliate dashboard inside our Admin app, where referral subscriptions can be tracked in real-time.

How can anyone apply?

You can apply to become an affiliate from the Admin dashboard. You only need to create a free website. We are going to thoroughly review all applicants, to check that we only involve like-minded partners.

Do you need a large following on social media platforms in order to become a partner?

Not really. As long as you are producing good content, the number of subscribers and followers is not important.

When are we launching our affiliate program?

Applications will be available from the 5th of October 2022. We'll be happy to see your application from then on :)

Link to sign up:

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