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You can create new products from Site Builder -> Products.


  • Selected - If checked the item will appear on the home page.
  • Published - If unchecked the item will not be available for purchase online.
  • Media - These are the product images (see how to upload here), You can arrange them by dragging one on top or bottom of another.
  • Product name - The name of the product.
  • Ribbon - A small label to appear on the product.
  • A line through the ribbon - Next to ribbon, but striked.
  • Origin address - see origin addresses.
  • Quantity - Product supply.
  • Price - The price of the product.
  • Store - see stores.
  • Groupings - see groupings.
  • Description - Short description of the product.
  • Product information - An indefinite number of additional information sections could be added to each product.
  • Product options - Options for the product (ex.: Color, Size, ...). If a product has any options, the end-user will be required to choose one. The options are separated by ";", and are unlimited. If an option should increase the price of the product, it can be done by adding the amount in braces after the option. This will automatically increase the set price by that much (ex.: If the price is 10 and an option adds (2) the price will become 12).
  • Additional content - Add a  custom page  at the end of the product page. Use it to showcase the product better.
  • Additional fields - User defined fields, for custom sorting purposes.
adding and editing a product from admin dashboard

You get a preview of the product page on the right side of the screen.

Below the description, you will find Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and Social Share previews.

preview for meta description for product

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